Here are some actual materials of K-BLP

  1. The platform with web-based services 60+ for Belarusian and other text, voice and other data processing that can be used by linguists, computational linguists and language engineers, writers and proof-readers. Among others, the platform provides tools for tokenization, morphological analysis, voiced electronic grammatical dictionary, part-of-speech tagging, frequency counter, spell checking and others.
  2. IntonTrainer – a speech intonation analyser and trainer, a software system designed to train learners in producing a variety intonation patterns of Belarusian and other speech.
  3. Belarusian NooJ module for convenient processing of Belarusian language via NooJ linguistic development environment.
  4. Belarusian and other linguistic resources provided for CLARIN Virtual Language Observatory (VLO CLARIN). 
  1. Lab 0 – How to be acquainted with text and speech processing services in 10 days?
  2. Video tutorial for processing texts in Belarusian via NooJ (in Belarusian).