Building and running a distributed knowledge centre for linguistic and language processing of Belarusian requires samples, text descriptions, demos, courses and possible contacts with specialists of natural language approaches of Belarusian.

K-BLP provides knowledge about tokenization, morphological analysis, voiced electronic grammatical dictionary, part-of-speech tagging, frequency counter, spell checking, text classification and other approaches used in speech and text processing.

K-BLP offers special courses in language processing, data analysis and collecting research data for fast entrance of humanities and others into the digital world of Belarusian data processing.

K-BLP could help with computational linguistic expertise of Belarusian text and speech via Branch (1, 2) of the Department of Computational Linguistics and Linguadidactics of the Faculty of Social and Cultural Communications (Faculty of Liberal Education before March 9th, 2015) of the Belarusian State University on the basis of Speech Synthesis and Recognition Laboratory of UIIP NAS Belarus.