“The dictionary of the Belarusian language” (1987) is provided for CLARIN VLO

“The dictionary of the Belarusian language” (“Слоўнік беларускай мовы”. Minsk, 1987) is provided for the CLARIN VLO.

The dictionary is an academic publication, which most fully reflects the vocabulary of modern Belarusian of the twentieth century. The dictionary serves as a handbook on orthography, orthoepy, accentuation and inflection. Combining four aspects in one work will allow the user to obtain the necessary information about the spelling and pronunciation of words, the place of stress in the initial words and their forms, as well as these very forms existing in the standard Belarusian from one source.

The dictionary of the Belarusian language is declared by the authors as the main source of the norm of standard Belarusian. The main quality of the norm, its distinctive feature is stability, invariability. But because language is constantly developing, the norm cannot be steadily unchanging, ossified. It fixes the basic patterns of language that make up its very essence for a long period of time. The second feature of the norm is the continuous evolution of the elements of its various structures, which reflects the development of various components on all levels, the introduction of variants.

The dictionary provides forms of nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, numerals. The general pattern of the dictionary article is as follows: a register word, grammatical tags, full or abbreviated inflected forms. The choice of forms provided in the dictionary is conditioned by morphological reasons — the presence of doublet variants of forms and the need to indicate the place of stress, if it is free.

This book was prepared in the Institute of Belarusian language named after Yakub Kolas of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences. Mikalay Biryla is the scientific editor. The total number of words provided in the dictionary is around 150 thousand units.

The dictionary is available via the API. The service contains several dictionaries, it is necessary to select the desired one.

According to the book: Слоўнік беларускай мовы: Арфаграфія. Арфаэпія. Акцэнтуацыя. Словазмяненне / Акадэмія навук БССР, Інстытут мовазнаўства імя Я. Коласа. — Мінск : БелСЭ, 1987. — 902 с. (The dictionary of the Belarusian language: Orthography. Orthoepy. Accentuation. Inflection — Minsk : BelSE, 1987. — 902 pp.)

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