“The grammatical dictionary of the verb” (2013) is provided for CLARIN VLO

“The grammatical dictionary of the verb” (“Граматычны слоўнік дзеяслова”. Minsk, 2013) is provided for the CLARIN VLO.

The register of the dictionary is based on the verb vocabulary of modern Belarusian, taking into account the rules that came into force in 2008. The dictionary articles contain information about the inflection and formation of the verb as part of speech.

The grammatical dictionary of the verb is a normative grammatical and orthographic handbook aimed at native speakers of Belarusian and other persons who want to clarify their knowledge of writing and inflection of the verb. The main purpose of the dictionary, which contains about 34 thousand verbs, is to reflect the modern inflection of the verb, to give a complete system of its morphological forms.

This book was prepared in the Institute of Belarusian language named after Yakub Kolas of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences. Valiantsina Rusak is the scientific editor. Liudmila Likhadzijewskaja, Valiantsina Rusak, Nadzieja Jewsijevich, Ala Kirdun are the lexicographers.

The dictionary is available via the API. The service contains several dictionaries, it is necessary to select the desired one.

Verbs according to the book: Граматычны слоўнік дзеяслова: А―Я: [каля 34 000 дзеясловаў] / Нацыянальная акадэмія навук Беларусі, Цэнтр даследаванняў беларускай культуры, мовы і літаратуры, Філіял “Інстытут мовы і літаратуры імя Я. Коласа і Я. Купалы. 2-е выд., дапрацаванае. Мінск : Беларуская навука, 2013. 1150, [1] с. (The grammatical dictionary of the verb / scientific ed. V. Rusak — Minsk : Belaruskaya navuka, 2013. — 1150 pp.) ISBN 978-985-0842-4

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